STYF Round IV (Bands welcoming Comeback Kid South East Asia 2013)

People, it’s happening tomorrow! Don’t miss it!


Draft info:

25th Jan 2013 (Friday) @ World of Wheels, King Center, Kuching.

Headline band: Comeback Kid (Canadian Legendary Hardcore Band)

Local bands:
Beyond My Rage (Sabah)
Words They Fear (Sabah)
Destruction Zero
Wings Of Areilia
Let’s Change The Inertia

Tickets: RM55 (Pre-Sale till tonight), RM70 (Entrance)

Come and show your support, and get your tickets from the guys at Thornwire Records!

For more info, click here!




Few days ago, Thornwire Records and Punkcaroba Fanzine organized an event called Stomped II. Last season of Stomped I was performed by bands from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Ascending Decending and Thy Broken Chord, and our local bands.

This season, came all the way from France, we have welcomed you Nine Eleven! Along the way, bands from Sabah, Mafia and Penguasa Anjing, featuring our local heroes, Mavis Dirty ProjectLet’s Change The InertiaThe Marmoset Kids, KnockXout, Daytime Drama, Liberal Liberalis and Wings of Areilia were also performed with them. Aren’t they just lucky?

Before we end this, we would like to thank our supporting labels:

Threads Distribution, Break Barriers, Midin, Death by Cupcakes Record, Home for the Weekend, and Kuching Mosher.

Also, not to forget, YOU GUYS, who’ve always been supporting us by coming to our event. THANK YOU!

Till next time. Adios!

Destroy Shred Destroy Sarawak!

Hey, it’s Destroy Shred Destroy in Sarawak! Everybody was psyched during the event. From the beginning til end. We got our special headline bands, Restraint and United Kids Of Oi!, our very own special appearance, DJ Nas-T, and all of the awesome local bands for the opening of the event, Ready Steady GoDance On Your GraveDestruction ZeroCousin Of Death, and Search & Destroy.

Here’s what you’ve missed:

A big thank you to the crowd and family members that have supportted this event.  Also, to all of the bands that have performed to make this show happened. Running out of words to say but THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Photo taken by our crew and Destroy Shred Destroy.

#DSDKCH Secret Show!

It’s the night before Destroy Shred Destroy Sarawak, DJ Nas-T put his dirty little fingers to spin at The Curve. Here’s what you’ve missed on #DSDKCH Secret Show!

Jealous much? You should! 😀

Photo taken by Destroy Shred Destroy


Didn’t we learned from 13th May 2011? Weren’t you lucky to be back “home” on the 13th May 2012?

Represent Klang, Kuala Lumpur:

Second Combat (Klang Valley Old School Hardcore/Punk)
Facebook, YouTube

Represent Sangau, Indonesia:

Fight For Free (Sanggau Hardcore)
Facebook, PureVolume

Represent Kota Kinabalu, Sabah:

Discrimination Free (Kota Kinabalu Hardcore/Punk)
Facebook, YouTube

Represent Kuching,Sarawak:

Shock Troops (Facebook, YouTube), Dance On Your Grave (Facebook, YouTube), Destruction Zero (Facebook, YouTube), Search And Destroy (Facebook, YouTube), Satisfactory (FacebookYouTube), Mavis Dirty Project (FacebookYouTube), Bronco Buster (Facebook)

This event was supported by:

Midin Distro, Pancaroba Zine, One Street Voice, Riot Grrrl, Kuching Mosher, Death by Cupcakes Records, Threads Distribution, and We Kill Easy.

Second Combat new album “Count On To Survive” is out. RM 15 per CD. First come, first serve!

This event was wicked. For those kids who didn’t make it, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

XIBALBA! Still fresh, still new…

It has been a week, and the pressure is still ON! Here’s what you missed:

Featuring local heroes: Exhale My OzoneAvatar DarksideSatisfactoryCousin Of DeathDestruction Zero, and Search And Destroy. Also, not to forget, our neighbor come all the way from Brunei representing BTHC, Beyond Fiction.

The event went so well. The crowd were all wicked! Wanting for them to come again? So do we!

Thank you for making the event happened.

Up next: Seeing Through Our Eyes #2. Let’s go!

XIBALBA “Southeast Asia Special Tour 2012”!


“Perhaps the heaviest hardcore band in recent years, XIBALBA from Pomona, California, are on their way to Southeast Asia for the first time in April. Combining their love for hardcore, metal and everything heavy, Xibalba have quickly risen in extreme music circles. Having released their first full length “Madre Mia Por Los Dias” on A389 Recordings last year, they followed it up with a cracking split with NY bruisers Incendiary on Closed Casket Activities and are now preparing for the release of new album “Hasta La Muerta” on the legendary Southern Lord. Their sound has been likened to Disembodied, Earth Crisis and Obituary, with aggressive speed giving way to apocalyptic breakdowns and brutality.”


Come all the way from Brunei representing BTHC: Beyond Fiction

Featuring local heroes: Exhale My OzoneAvatar DarksideSatisfactoryCousin Of DeathDestruction Zero, and Search And Destroy.

Venue: DBNA HALL, Jalan Kumpang of Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching
Date: 14th of April 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 1.00 p.m – 7.00 p.m
Tickets: RM20 (Pre-Sale) RM25 (Normal) RM30 (Door)

Powered by: Flying Rock Studio

Fully supported by Bigmouth Booking, Seventh Tribe Studio, Seventh Tribe SkateshopRoxxa Shock Amity, Flying Rock Studio, WalkingMan RecordsBTHC, Radar Music and Titan Empire.

For any details or updates in Kuching, please contact us, and click here to join the event.

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